Make text wrap around an image

Make text wrap around an image

4th January 2020


Make text wrap around an image image


Running Time: 54s 


This video demonstrates how to make text wrap around an image. NB Click on Image in the bottom right of the video to view fullscreen.




About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor. If you don't know how to do this, you can find out how here


There may be instances when you want to insert an image into a passage of text, and have the words flow around it.  This is similar to what you may see on a newspaper page layout.


The process is as follows: Insert your cursor into the text at the point you would like the image to appear, then click on the "Insert Image" icon Image  in the text controls toolbar. This will bring up the Image File Manager where you can upload a new image from your hard drive or select one you have already uploaded. (For further information, please see this tutorial.) Click on OK when you have chosen your image and a new dialogue box appears where you can resize your image etc.


Click the Text Wrap tab where you will be presented with three options to wrap text around the image.


Image on the left

The image aligns to the left and the text wraps around it to the right.


Image on the right

The image aligns to the right and the text wraps around it to the left.



Text on the same line as the image will remain on that line but the next line of text will appear below the bottom of the image. This can look pretty unsightly if the image is tall. However, where you want a small icon to appear inline on a line of text, this is the option to select.




Applying margin:

The image may also require some margin depending on the choices made above in order to push the text away from the edges of the image. For example if you have the image on the left, you will probably want to assign a margin setting to the image with some right and bottom margin, as demonstrated in the video.



When you have text wrapping around an image and you want to move the cursor on to a new line, be careful that you press SHIFT + ENTER to create a soft return, or else you'll find the cursor dropping down below the image rather than just a new line. Please the difference between a paragraph and a line break for more information.




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