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Sketchanet is a flexible website creation platform for creating responsive websites and blogs.
If you want control over your site design, and don't want to be confined by templates, then Sketchanet is for you. Sketchanet takes care of all the code, so you don't have to.


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No Template Lock-In


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Sketchanet is built on components that you put into a super flexible grid layout - that you control. You are never stuck with a template, instead you can mould your layout and design to fit your content.

Live Preview


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Preview exactly how your changes will look to visitors before publishing. No need to ever wing it.

Intuitive Design & Content Editor


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Edit a page just like a visitor sees it. Click and type to edit text, click on an image to replace. You control every aspect of your website.



The Sketchanet approach


Sketchanet is different to most other website building platforms.
For a start, we have no templates.


There are plenty of website builders that provide hundreds of templates, but ultimately a template rarely does everything you need it to. Instead, we have taken the approach of giving you a really flexible and responsive grid system, which will give you total freedom to create your layout whilst also ensuring that it stays responsive to all device widths.


All websites now need to cater for all devices, and Sketchanet does this really well, automatically.

Fully responsive websites


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It is impossible to make a Sketchanet site that does not automatically adjust its layout to best fit different sized devices.

Unlimited Traffic


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Sketchanet scales automatically offering you a rock solid hosting platform for any level of traffic. Some of our customers have hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

Super-Smart Responsive Media Delivery 


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Images and other media are served up from the closest data centre to your visitor (globally) and only the most appropriate resize is delivered. This makes your site faster.

Responsive & optimised for all devices


Your website visitors will try and access your site on virtually any size screen, and you need to keep them all happy.


The Sketchanet grid engine automatically adapts your pages to fit within the available screen width, but you can also manually control what can be seen at different  screen sizes.


All image assets are opimised for the visitor's device, including delivering the correct hi-res image resizes for high definition Retina devices.


Get started


You don't need a credit card, and you can be testing out your free development site within a couple of minutes, using the exact same system we used to make this site. What are you waiting for?