Logging in to Sketchanet

How to log in to Sketchanet

This page explains where you log in to access the Sketchanet editor for creating and maintaining your website(s)


There are two main areas of the Sketchanet platform, Account Manager and the Editor.


You log in to both using the same login. (See below if you do not have or have forgotten your login)


Account Manager

Go to manage.sketchanet.com to manage all of your account settings, users, subscriptions, and to create new websites.


- Create and manage users

- View and pay invoices

- Create and manage websites

- Map custom domain names


Website Editor

Go to edit.sketchanet.com to log into the Sketchanet editor. This is where you control all aspects of the design and content of your website.


- Design and build your website

- Create, amend, and manage pages

- Modify fonts and colours

- Add and manage media items

- Add custom code (javascript and css)


What if I don't know my login?

You will have been sent an email with your login details when you signed up or if an account was created for you.


If you have never received this email, it is likely that you do not yet have a user account. If your website was set up by Sketchanet, let us know and we will create a user account for you. If your website was set up by another company using  the Sketchanet platform, please contact that company.


If you have lost this email, but you know what email address was registered with us, then you can request a password reset on the login page. Just look for the "Forgotten password?" link next to the login form.


I am new to Sketchanet and I want to create an account

Great! Head to our getting started page and sign up for a free account. You don't need a credit card.

There is no time limit on your free account so you can take as much time as you need to test things out.