How to create a blog

Blogging in Sketchanet

Sketchanet has a powerful feature available to all customers that makes it a breeze to write and publish regular blog posts. As with anything in Sketchanet, having the flexibility to create the blog design you want is vital, so we have made it easy for you to design your very own blog post template.


Post templates

Templates are something we avoid in Sketchanet, in order to give you as much flexibility as possible, but in this case having a template for your posts is a real time saver, and the fact you can design it yourself means you still have all the flexibility you need. You can even have several different post templates and apply a different template to different categories of post.


A post template is just like any other page, so you have total design freedom. The crucial difference is that you can specify placeholders for the post title, the date (if you want one showing), the main image of the post (if you want one showing), and of course the body of the post itself. Then you keep your design seperate from the post editing itself, which in turn makes publishing posts much faster and easier. You can amend your post template any time you like, and this will update every single post in one go.


Sharing your posts on social media

One of the reasons for writing blog posts is to bring web traffic to your website. Sharing your articles on social media is a great way to achieve this. We have done all the hard work behind the scenes so that if you share the url (web address) of one of your articles, the title and chosen image of your article will automatically show in the social media feed, which is particularly important for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


How to get Started

There is a bit of set up to get started with blogging in Sketchanet, which we'll walk you through in these docs. It will be worth it though because once you have set up your blog, writing and publishing your posts will be fast and efficient, and you can easily give the task to someone else - they won't need to learn how the rest of Sketchanet works.


Blogging in Sketchanet Overview image

Blogging in Sketchanet Overview

Blogging - Getting Started image

Blogging - Getting Started

Blogging - Creating Text Styles image

Blogging - Creating Text Styles

Blogging - Creating Post Templates image

Blogging - Creating Post Templates

Blogging - Creating Your Posts image

Blogging - Creating Your Posts

Blogging - Creating Post Widgets image

Blogging - Creating Post Widgets

Link to a Post image

Link to a Post


It's all much easier when you can visualise things. To see examples of what is possible with the blog system in Sketchanet, check out these example blog sites at the links below: