Custom domain names

Using a Custom Domain Name

This page will explain how to use a custom domain name with your Sketchanet website


What is a custom domain name?

I have already registered a domain name, how do I point it at my Sketchanet site?

I don't have a domain name, how can I register one?



Sketchanet DNS Settings image

Sketchanet DNS Settings

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Troubleshooting Domain Name Issues

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Secure Certificates - Run Your Site Over Https

What is a custom domain?

A custom domain is your own domain name that you can choose such as:


When you link a custom domain, instead of accessing your website at you would be able to get to it at

Link an existing domain

Step One: make sure you have an active subscription


In order to use a custom domain name, you must have an active Sketchanet subscription. If you don't have an active subscription, a default page will display on your custom domain instead of your own website. As soon as you create a subscription, this default page will disappear and you will see your website. 


Step Two: map your domain within Sketchanet


Next you have to tell our system that you want your domain name to point to a particular website. To do so, log in to and choose the website in question.  On the overview page for the website, scroll down to the DOMAINS section and click on ADD DOMAINS. Then follow the instructions.


Step Three: point your domain at the Sketchanet platform


If you have already registered a domain name somewhere else, then you need to modify the DNS settings for the domain so that it points to our servers. To do so, you will need to log in to the control panel of the domain registrar where you registered your domain.

Once logged in, look for the option to modify the DNS settings. The exact process will vary between registrars.


The DNS settings you need to make are shown below:



Record Type Value
@ A


For troubleshooting making changes to your DNS settings please see here

Register a new domain

Sketchanet doesn't currently offer a domain registration service, but there are hundreds of other providers you can choose from to register your domain. Importantly, choose one that provides a control panel so you can make changes to your domain name yourself. 


If you don't have a preference, we can recommend 123-reg who are based in the UK and provide a simple control panel that allows you to make all the DNS changes you need in order to hook your domain up with your Sketchanet website.


Please note that if you use the link above, Sketchanet may earn a commission from your purchase from 123-reg.