Blogging - Creating Text Styles

Blogging - Creating Text Styles

The first step in creating posts is to set up some text styles. These styles will determine the colours and fonts used for your blog posts. You need to create styles for your post template, but you also need styles for your post widgets. A post widget is a list of links to post articles. You embed a post widget on a page so that visitors can click through to your post articles. A post template defines how the post articles display.


To modify your existing text styles, click on EDIT TEXT STYLES in the text controls panel. This will open up the text styles editor. There are a lot of settings and you can quickly get to know what each one does by experimenting. 




For full documentation of how to edit predefined text styles in a Sketchanet website, please see here                                                                             


Remember we need to create styles for our post templates  and we also need styles for our post widgets, even if those are stylistically the same by inheriting all settings.  Why? Because it's easier to update things in the future, and because a Sketchanet site with a blog may contain a lot of different text styles (i.e those for the site itself and styles for both post templates and widgets) it's important to name text styles in a neat and logical fashion.  This will save you a lot of time in the long run and prevent confusion when creating your posts.


NB: You don't have to set up your styles before you create your posts / post widgets / post templates, but it makes it easier. You can also edit the styles used at any time.



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