Secure Certificates - Run Your Site Over Https

Secure Certificates - Run Your Site Over Https

A secure certificate is proof that the connection between the visitor's browser and the server is encrypted. This means no one can snoop on any data sent between the two.

It is perhaps easier to understand the visual difference:


How an insecure url displays in Google Chrome

When an insecure url is viewed in Google Chrome, visitors will see a "Not secure" warning


How a secure url displays in Google Chrome

When a secure url (https) is viewed, visitors will see a padlock, indicating it is a secure site


There is a general push across the web to make all websites transmit data over a secure (encrypted) connection. This keeps data safe, even if that data is just a form submission.


Your website might well not have any kind of login, or any forms, but nonetheless the visual cues shown above can be off putting for site visitors if they see your website is not secure. Add to that the fact that secured sites are now given a boost in Google rankings compared to insecure sites, and the case is pretty open and shut – you should get a secure certificate for your domain.



Requesting a secure certificate for your Sketchanet site

We can provide you with a secure certificate for your custom domain(s) for a one off fee of £25+VAT per domain name. Each certificate is a wildcard certificate that covers any sub domain of your website. This certificate will last indefinitely while you are running your site on Sketchanet.


In order to authorise the certificate, a DNS record will need to be added to your domain name. This is a similar process to the one described here but with a record specific to your domain name.


To make the request, please complete the form below specifying the domain name(s) you wish to secure. Please specify if you wish to add the CNAME record yourself or if you would like us to do it on your behalf. (In the latter case you will need to provide us with the login for your domain registrar, or the third party control panel where your DNS records are administered. If you aren't sure, we can help you identify which).


We will generate an invoice by email for the £25+VAT fee (per domain), which should be paid through the Sketchanet management area. Once this is paid we will generate your certificate(s) and either provide you with the DNS record for authorisation, or apply this record on your behalf, according to your choice.





1) When you log into you will see your account name. You can request a certificate for multiple domains that are mapped to different accounts, but you must choose one account only that will be billed for the fees. If you require billing on seperate accounts, please submit two forms.

2) Normally your domain registrar will control your domain DNS records. In some cases, you may have given DNS control to a third party. In that case we will require access to the third party control panel. If you have no idea what any of this means, say so and we will do our best to track down the relevant party.