Sketchanet DNS Settings

Sketchanet DNS Settings

To map your domain name to the Sketchanet platform, you will need to enter some DNS records. The records you require depend on whether you are using an SSL certificate for your website.


When you are not using a secure certificate:


Please apply these 2 DNS records to your domain:


Record Type Value
@ A


If there are any existing records that match the above, you need to remove them first.


When you are using a secure (SSL) certificate:


Towards the end of November 2018 our processes changed. When you request a secure certificate for your domain, you will need to apply a CNAME record to authorise the certificate, and you will also need to amend the above www CNAME record to one which is specific to your domain name. The new record will be in the format Please contact support to find out what this record should be.



123-reg tutorial


The video below demonstrates exactly how to update these DNS settings in the control panel of popular UK-based domain registrar 123-reg. Use the fullscreen button in the bottom right so you can see the detail.