Where Links Open

Where Links Open

Running Time: 00m 23s


This video demonstrates how to make a link open in either the same browser tab, a new browser tab, or as a lightbox within the existing page.

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About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor. If you don't know how to do this, you can find out how here


How to specify where a link opens.

In the link dialogue box under both the 'External' and 'Internal' tabs, you will notice an 'Open in' field.  This gives you three options for specifying where links will open. They offer different user experiences - something to bear in mind when aiming to make your site as user friendly as possible. They are:


1. Link opens in The Same Window (default value).  A link destination will open in the same browser window as where it was clicked.  The user therefore clicks on the back button to get back to where they were initially browsing.  


2. Link opens in a New Window.  A link destination will open in a new browser window, allowing the user to flick between the original page and the destination page, or see both at once in his desktop browser.


3.  Link opens in a Lightbox.  The link destination appears as an overlay on top of the original page, which can then be closed by clicking on the cross.  A likely case scenario for using a lightbox to open a link is if the link is to a video on youtube.