Padding and Margin

Padding and Margin

The difference between margin and padding

Margin and Padding both refer to blank space between elements. They might seem to be the same thing, however, there is a difference which may affect your design decisions.


N.B in the following descriptions an element refers to a cell, section or image etc..



Padding is the space that’s inside the element between the element and the element border or edge, if no border is applied. You can apply different padding amounts to each side of an element.



Margin is the space between the element border and the parent element and all siblings. The space outside the border between it and the other elements is the margin. Just like padding, it's possible to target all four sides of an element to change it's margin.


The easiest way to understand the difference between margin and padding is through an image. The image below demonstrates what each part of something like a cell containing a paragraph  looks like. 




Padding and Margin in use

It's usually easiest to simply use padding when building a Sketchanet site. A case point where you may need to use margin is with an inline image surrounded by text. The image requires some margin  (in this case on the right and bottom) in order to push the text away from the edges of the image.  The image below demonstrates this:



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