No Follow Links​​​​​​​

No Follow Links

Running Time: 57s 


This video demonstrates how to tell Google to not index a link. NB Click on Image in the bottom right of the video to view fullscreen.

About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor and have a page open for editing. To learn how to do this see here.


There may be specific instances where you do not want Google to index specific links or link to a file on your site.  This could be for SEO purposes, as you may not want to pass on page rank to a site that you are linking to. Or, for example, you may not want a PDF file hosted on your site to appear on Google.


These are two cases where you would set a link to No Follow.  When editing any link in Sketchanet, the option for this is found in the Links Editor under Spiders.