Make ​​​​​​​A New Heading

Make A New Heading

Running time: 00m 49s


This short video demonstrates how to create and style a heading.

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About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor and have a page open for editing. To learn how to do this see here.


How to create a heading

Click into a cell where you want the heading, and type out the heading text. (You can also copy and paste if you already have the text in another document).


Next, select the heading text with the cursor, and then from the text controls toolbar, choose a Heading Style from the Heading Styles select box. You will then see the selected text update to use that heading style.


NB: It is really important that you use a Heading Style for a heading, as in the html markup this creates a heading tag, which has semantic meaning for search engines and screen readers. It tells them that this bit of text is more important than the other paragraph text. If you are trying to optimise your content for search engines, you will have chosen some words or a phrase that you hope might lead people to your page - and you will want to make sure that those words or phrase you have chosen feature in a proper heading tag. So don't simple create a different paragraph style or inline style and apply that, make sure you use a style from your Heading Styles list. If you don't have the one you need, then simply create a new one, and then apply that to your heading text. Please also see more information on using correct heading tags.


Saving and Publishing

When you have made the changes you require, be sure to click on the orange save button in the bottom right of the editor. You can then click on the Preview button in the top right of the editor to view the changes you have made as a web page in a new browser tab.


Lastly, don't forget that your changes will not go live until you click on the PUBLISH button in the top right of the editor.