Insert An Inline Menu​​​​​​​

Insert An Inline Menu

Running Time: 00m 57s


This video demonstrates how to create an inline menu widget. This can be inserted into a cell alongside other content such as a heading or other text and images.


This widget is built automatically from the pages within your website, so it updates itself when you add new pages to your website.

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About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor. If you don't know how to do this, you can find out how here


An inline menu is a menu widget that can be placed inside a cell, perhaps below a passage of text or to the side of your websites main content.  It offers an alternative form of navigation across your website from the main heading nav bar or converting a regular cell into a menu cell. In this way a cell can house a menu as well as other content.


To insert an inline menu, place your cursor where you would like it to go, hit the insert media button and then click on the menu widget icon.  Options will then appear on what menu you would like to insert, its size and whether it is expandable etc.