Creating A Cell Link​​​​​​​

Creating A Cell Link

Running Time: 00m 48s


This video shows you how to turn an entire cell into a clickable link.


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About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor. If you don't know how to do this, you can find out how here


In the same way a piece of text or an image can be made into a link, the same can be done to an entire cell. This is often useful in cases where you want to create a prominent call to action on your homepage, with perhaps cells that contain a heading, an image and a short passage of text describing a service.  Rather than linking  just one of these elements, a cell link turns the combined elements into an effective call to action.


To link a cell

Simply select the cell you would like to link and click the 'Cell Link' tab where the standard options will appear for creating links.