Background colour changes in multiple places

Background colour changes in multiple places

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If you have changed a background colour, only to find it has also changed the colour of other parts of your Sketchanet website that you didn't want to change, this video explains why and how to avoid this.


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About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor. If you don't know how to do this, you can find out how here



Editing an existing swatch:  Select  and click on the 'Section Graphics' tab.  In the Background colour & borders section (the first option) select the swatch in the dropdown, then hit the 'EDIT' button.  To access the colour picker click the first option of 'Colour', and untick the 'No Colour' box.  Select the colour as outlined in this tutorial.


The potential pitfall to avoid:  If you edit a swatch colour that's been applied to multiple sections across your site, then all those sections will change colour as well as the one you are currently editing.  So long as you are aware of this, it's a useful feature.


N.B Though this tutorial is about changing the background colour of a section, the same technique applies to changing the colour of any element on your site.