Apply Styling to Text

Apply Styling to Text

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This short video shows you how to apply predefined styling to your text.

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To see how to edit your existing text styles please see this other video




About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor and have a page open for editing. To learn how to do this see here.


How to apply styling

To apply styling to text, simply highlight the text you want to style with the cursor, and then select a style from the text editing controls. This will update the text with the selected styling. To modify your existing styling choices, click on EDIT TEXT STYLES in the text controls panel.


Note that headings should only be styled with Heading Styles, while normal text should be styled with Paragraph Styles. It is important to use Heading Styles for headings because it has semantic meaning to search engines and this can affect your SEO (search engine optimisation).


Both Heading Styles and Paragraph Styles will affect a whole block of text. If you want to apply different styling to just a few words within a block of text, you can achieve this using an Inline Style. 


Lastly, text links tend to be styled slightly differently from their surrounding text so that they can be recognised as links. You can create and apply Link Styles to your links. To do so click once on a link - this will cause the Link Styles select box to appear in the text controls panel. You can then select the link style of your choice.


Saving and Publishing

When you have made the changes you require, be sure to click on the orange save button in the bottom right of the editor. You can then click on the Preview button in the top right of the editor to view the changes you have made as a web page in a new browser tab.


Lastly, don't forget that your changes will not go live until you click on the PUBLISH button in the top right of the editor.