Adding Telephone Links

Adding Telephone Links

Running Time: 1m 29s 


This video demonstrates how to add a clickable telephone number link to your Sketchanet site. On a mobile phone, when someone taps the link, it will bring up the call app with the number prefilled ready to dial. On a mac or pc, if you have a calling app installed it will do a similar thing. If not, it will be ignored. NB Click on Image in the bottom right of the video to view fullscreen.

About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor and have a page open for editing. To learn how to do this see here.


Like an anchor link you tap to go to another page, telephone links are links you tap to call a number on a phone-capable device.


To add an anchor link, create a link in the normal way, but when the link dialogue box opens, select the Tel tab and insert the number to call in the Number field. The link label can be anything, including an image.


N.B Its it important to enter the full international number with no + sign or brackets. For example, a UK number would look like: 0044 20 3397 8998