Add Video To Your ​​​​​​​Page

Add Video To Your Page

Running Time: 02m 43s


This video demonstrates how to add YouTube or Vimeo video to your Sketchanet website.

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About this video

This video assumes you are already logged into the Sketchanet editor. If you don't know how to do this, you can find out how here


The process for adding video is straight forward for both YouTube and Video videos. Just click into a cell and place the cursor where you want the video to appear.


Then click on the insert YouTube icon or the insert Vimeo icon Image. Either one will then prompt you for a video URL.


Next, in another browser tab navigate to the page on either YouTube or Vimeo websites that displays the video you want, and copy the URL from your browser address bar. Then go back to the Sketchanet editor and paste in the URL where prompted. If you see a success message, click the OK button and you will then see a preview of the video. You might need to adjust the height of the video to trim the black lines top and bottom (if there are any). If you want the video to be anything other than the full width of the cell, you can also specify the width.


Other styling options, such as border, shadow, and margin are available to apply in just the same way as you can for images.


NB: If when you paste the video URL you get  a red error message, you might have copied the wrong thing from either the YouTube or Vimeo site. Go back and check you have copied the url from the address bar. Note also that Vimeo videos must be publicly available or you will not be able to insert them into your website.