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Take control of your website

A powerful, cloud-based visual platform for creating websites and blogs, with optional ecommerce. Control every aspect of your site - no coding necessary.



Take control of your website

A powerful, cloud-based visual platform for creating websites and blogs, with optional ecommerce. Control every aspect of your site - no coding necessary. 



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Sketchanet gives you the flexibility and control you need to create the site you want... without knowing any code!

Get started in 2 minutes


Nothing to install - everything runs in the browser, on our rock solid infrastructure. You can be online with a new site in just a couple of minutes. No credit card required - it's totally free to try out for as long as you want.

Visual website editor


Edit your content in place, the same as a visitor sees the page. 100% control over your page design and layout. No coding knowledge required, and our short video tutorials will show you exactly how to achieve what you want.

Risk Free Editing


Safely experiment with your site as much as you like and see exactly how your changes will look once published. You are safe in the knowledge that only you can see rough drafts. When you are ready, it takes just a few seconds to publish.

Nothing to maintain


You will never need to install an update or patch, or be concerned with traffic or hosting. We keep our technology up to date behind the scenes and work hard to make sure you don't ever have to think about it.


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The Ingenium Academy


"The best thing about Sketchanet is that it is extremely flexible. It's very easy to add new page layouts, or get really creative with designing a whole new section of your website without writing any code - including responsive design, which is absolutely essential. I've worked with lots of web platforms and none of them compare with the level of control they give you over your site"

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Yacht Designer at Malcolm McKeon


"The best part about the platform is the way you can just keep refining things. As it isn't template based, you don't get stuck with a page that doesn't work for the amount of content you have - you can just modify the page layout to suit"


Intuitive visual editor


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Edit a page just like a visitor sees it. Click and type to edit text, click on an image to replace. You control every aspect of your website.



Endless layout possibilities


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Sketchanet is built on components that you put into a super flexible grid layout - that you control. You are never stuck with a template, instead you can mould your layout and design to fit your content.

100% responsive websites


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Sketchanet sites look great on all devices - automatically adjusting themselves to best fit. If you want totally control, you can also fine tune your layout for different device sizes.

Integrated e-commerce


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Extend the core platform functionality with our powerful e-commerce facilities, all controlled from within the Sketchanet editor. All you need is a Stripe account and you can start taking payments and processing orders immediately.

Telephone support 

Speak to one of our UK based team on


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Great across all devices

Sketchanet is built with responsivess at it's core



Design Service


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Perhaps you love the idea of being in total control of your website, but you want a custom and professional design? Or perhaps you just want a little bit of design assistance?


We can help. Our design team can create a beautiful and unique design especially for you in as little as two weeks. Or just some graphics - whatever you need.




Build Service


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Perhaps you already have a website design? Maybe you want control over your existing static site, or your current site isn't responsive. Or your developer is no longer answering calls?


We can recreate existing website designs on the Sketchanet platform, giving you access to all the control and flexibility that Sketchanet brings.