Business website service


You mean business. You have done this once or twice before....


You’ve got the green light and now, time is money.  You want a beautiful website that brings this new business to life with a punch. You also want it affordable, reliable, and easy for one of your guys to update as you go. Got it. You are in the right place.


In as little as 3 weeks, we will take your vision, your rough-and-ready ideas and still to be confirmed ones and magically create your website that sparkles almost as much as your business idea. We can do this for as little as £1200. If this price point sounds good, then here's a cheat sheet to prepare your answers in advance of making your booking, that when followed keeps us inside budget.



You need a website worthy of you



What you don’t need is a limiting template, expensive coders, or restrictions on your creativity. Especially when it ebbs and flows at will.  You and your content must be free to be beautiful and expressed as you like, when you like.

 Sketchanet is a layout and components engine, not a template based platform. Page layouts respond intuitively to your content and message and more importantly, they look great on all screen sizes. Even if we do say so ourselves.

No more expensive web tweaks or lost momentum!


We’re not kidding. Sketchanet is so intuitive and so easy, a novice technologist could create beautiful landing pages in minutes. This means you can choose to maintain your site into the future, or you can choose to have us support  you.



Imagining a bigger, more robust website? 

We do that too. 


From festivals, to TV campaigns, to employee development programs,
we're a very safe pair of hands for a bigger and more robust website. 



Why Sketchanet?



There are many website creation solutions on the market. Here are some compelling reasons to use ours:




Our visual editor puts you in control of making changes to your website as and when you need to - whether that is design, branding, layout or content. Our preview feature means you can be certain how your changes will look before you publish them.



We are regularly updating the Sketchanet platform as the internet changes, so you don't need to worry about your website technology becoming out of date. Your site will be automatically updated without any hassle or action on your part.



Unlike many open source software solutions, Sketchanet is not a target for hackers. Our rock solid hosting infrastructure keeps your site online, and our smart media delivery ensures fast loading for all visitors regardless of device and location.

No template



Totally flexible layout and design at any time even after your site has been built. Great for making changes further down the line and keeping your site fresh.


Intuitive Content

Management System 


Edit a page just like a visitor sees it. Click and type to edit text, click on an image to replace.








Preview exactly how your website will look to visitors before publishing your changes.


Fully responsive




It is impossible to make a Sketchanet site that does not automatically adjust its layout to best fit different sized devices.





Sketchanet scales automatically offering you a hosting platform that would usually cost you hundreds of pounds a month.

Super-smart responsive

media delivery 



Images are served up from the closest data centre to your visitor (globally) and only the most appropriate resize is delivered. This makes your site faster.

"We already had graphics from our game design - the Sketchanet team helped adapt these into a form that worked really well as a responsive website. We have sinced used the platform to handle all of our own layout and design changes, but it's great to be able to pick up the phone and get help when we need it."


Time Run



"We came to Sketchanet with a brief for a simple crisply designed site that would perform well on multiple devices. Armed with our logo and colour ways they designed us just what we wanted, even sourcing the imagery. The whole process was easy and efficient and we are delighted with the result.."



The Inside Agency



"It's very easy to add new page layouts, or get really creative with designing a whole new section of your website without writing any code - including responsive design, which is absolutely essential. I've worked with lots of web platforms and none of them compare with the level of control they give you over your site."


The Ingenium Academy