If you write, represent authors or speakers, or have something to present to the world, we can design a custom site that engages your visitors in the context of what you are presenting, not just filling in the blanks of a predefined template. As a creator, you will also appreciate the preview function that allows you to proof your entire website any time you make a change before publishing it to the world. And if you do spot a typo later, you can fix it in seconds.





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A closer look at our project with Diane Banks Associates


Literary agency




Diane Banks Associates represents a large number of both fiction and non-fiction authors around the world, in many different categories. Our goal was to find a way of displaying all these authors in no particular hierarchy, while also not overwhelming the visitor. Checkout our solution at

We had created a website for Diane Banks Associates way back in 2009 on a precursor platform to Sketchanet. Since that time, their client list had grown extensively, and there was a real need not just to give the website a facelift but also to make space for all of the new clients. The brief was that we needed to be able to display all of their clients (ideally) within a single page – no easy task! We would need a name and head-shot that could click through to a specific page for each client. The solution we developed was to create a carousel of head-shots for each category of author, and have these carousels stacked on the page. At the top of the page was a quick list of anchor links to scroll the visitor down to the selected category. Once at the chosen category, the visitor could then flick through the carousel by clicking and dragging the head-shots to navigate right or left. This approach allowed us to display 128 clients in 11 different categories all on a single page, and in a manner that does not overwhelm the visitor.

We have worked with Sketchanet for many years through various incarnations of our website. They provide intuitive, user friendly infrastructure and are adept at finding creative solutions to web design which works beautifully across all platforms.  Added to which, Drystan and his team have always been a pleasure to work with.


Literary agency



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