Businesses and charities that provide education or training have to be able to deal with regular changes, whether that is new courses, new teachers, new students or new regulations. We can design you a high quality website that you can then mould and develop yourself over time to reflect these changes. We will also be here to support you when you need it, whether that is just assitance with making changes or completely fresh page designs.





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A closer look at our project with Ingenium Academy

The Ingenium academy

International summer music school




The Ingenium Academy falls into an interesting crossover between a design customer and a DIY customer. We designed their initial site a few years back but since then they have developed it into something quite different, to keep up with the changing face of their business. Check it out at

The Ingenium Academy began as a startup business venture for founder Rebecca Hawley, whose vision was to create a world class summer school for aspiring musicians from all around the world. Like any startup, there was no guarantee of success, and keeping costs low was vital. Sketchanet made this possible due to the efficiencies of creating a website on the platform, compared to coding one from scratch. In the first year of the project, there were of course no photos of past students so we designed a website around a general colour palette and some photography of the amazing architecture and grounds of Winchester College, the location of the summer school. This allowed us to create a site with context even before any students arrived. In each year since then the Ingenium Academy team have had more to say, more courses to describe and more previous years' students of whom to display photos and testimonials on the website. Sketchanet has allowed them to make all of these changes themselves – in fact they are pretty dab hands at using the platform now!

I've worked with lots of web platforms and none of them compare with the level of control they give you over your site, which for a small company like ours is really important.


Ingenium Academy



Our aim is to deliver you a website that exceeds your expectations, with a quick turnaround time, and minimal hassle to you. You can see the work in progress as a real website every step of the way.


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