The Sketchanet ecommerce system integrates seamlessly with our layout engine. It allows for a high level of control and flexibility over the items for sale on your website, with virtually unlimited levels of sales options possible for each item.


Everything happens within your website, except for the very last step which uses Stripe for taking the payment by card. You don't need a merchant account so initial setup takes only minutes, and you benefit from super low transaction fees of only 1.4% + 20p.





For a look at a simple add to cart widget with options, see our quick demo below

Example Add to Cart widget


Here is a fully functional example of a Sketchanet Add to Cart widget. It can be embedded anywhere on a page, and has self contained functionality that you can control through the Ecommerce Manager area of the Sketchanet editor. You can define options, child options, grandchild options, and there is no limit on the number of decendant options. You can define inherited or overiding pricing for each option, and whether or not a customer must choose at least one option or not.


Go ahead and try and buy the T-shirt in your size.


You'll see an overlayed shopping cart with options for changing quantities or removing items. If you preoceed you'll be prompted to fill out your delivery and billing details before being taken to a secure payment page.


Probably best not to go through with the entire purchase as it will charge you and these T-shirts are only conceptual so don't expect to receive anything!


For a real life trading website please see the example below



Red T-Shirt

Price £0
Please select an option





The following website is an actively trading ecommerce site running on the Sketchanet ecommerce system. If you are in the market for some fancy steak boards, check them out at You can also read more about this project in our case study.



A closer look at our ecommerce project for Rewthink


Quality catering products



Rewthink are a new business designing and manufacturing quality wooden products for the catering industry. They wanted a website that would appeal to buyers for restaurants, and to be able to make online sales with an easy to use shopping cart that could support many available options for design, material, and finish. Checkout their website at

The brief for the Rewthink website was that it must be an online sales portal for the business with plenty of space for background and supporting information. The client had a good idea of how they wanted the site to look and commissioned their own illustrator to create some graphics that blended photography with hand drawn illustration to put their products in a non-location specific context. Besides the layout of the site our main task was to design a good approach for how to handle to multitude of buying options for each product. The Sketchanet ecommerce system allows for a virtually unlimited number of product options, but this also needs to be manageable for the prospective customer. We decided that visually, we needed to start with a generic photo for each product (eg Steakboard). We then display an image-based key for the layout options so these can all be seen side by side, and an Add to Cart widget for each of the product finishes (natural, fumed, and scorched). Using this approach, it becomes obvious to the visitor that they should only use the Add to Cart widget that is relevant to their preferred finish, and the only selection they need to make on the widget itself is to choose the layout option, which can be easily found from the layout key. This approach made what might have been quite a confusing and complicated product selection process relatively straightforward. From a platform perspective, the flexibility of the Sketchanet ecommerce Item Manager means that it is simple to assign different prices to the various product options.


The Sketchanet team came up with a great solution for how to present our products for sale, and I am really pleased with the result


Rewthink Quality Catering Products



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