Even for the most intangible of business propositions, we think it is crucial to have some visual candy to encourage visitors take the path you want them to through your site. We will deliver suitable photography or graphics to support your business proposition, and arrange your content into a cohesive journey for your visitors.




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A closer look at our project with Human Capital Squared


Human resources solutions



Human Capital Squared came to us with just a company name and a requirement for a smart online presence that effectively communicated their business proposition. Check out their site at

We started this project with very little to work with - just some thoughts on what pages would be required, a company name, and the basic proposition of this brand new company. We began by asking the client to make a list of websites in their industry that they liked, or parts thereof, and then we went through the list together and discussed the merits of particular approaches, colour schemes, and layouts, and from this developed a strategy for how to approach the HC-squared site. We knew that even the final site would be light on content, and so we had to find a way of presenting this limited content so as to give a feel of a more extensive site – one of the tools we used to do this was to make sure that each page featured a large full width banner image that supported the context of each page. Finally, a crucial part of the HC-squared proposition is that they operate globally and can support global businesses, hence the full screen world map that forms the backdrop of the home page, with clear links to different parts of the site.



Our aim is to deliver you a website that exceeds your expectations, with a quick turnaround time, and minimal hassle to you. You can see the work in progress as a real website every step of the way.


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