Associations generally need to promote what they do to prospective members,  while keeping existing members up to date and engaged. This requires a smart website that is flexible and simple to update. And because your members are more likely now than ever to be visiting on a mobile device, it is vital that it is responsive too - something that Sketchanet excels at.





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A closer look at our project with The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire




While some might think Freemasonry is all about secret handshakes, the organisation is a big donor to charity and they are very open open about what they do, as can be learned on their Wiltshire lodge website at

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire wanted to create a high quality website that would help to promote their values, dispel some myths, and provide information about what they do to both the general public and fellow masons. The organisation dates back several centuries and there is a rich history of tradition. The masons that were to be managing the website had limited background in design or the internet, but understood its importance as a communication tool and were very keen to make use of it. We designed an overall framework and furniture for the site that was fitting for an organisation of such rich history, along with a range of page layouts and styles, which they could then use as a basis to populate the site with what is now a vast amount of content. A few years in and they are still adding to and updating the site regularly, and will be for years to come – and for self confessed technophobes they certainly show a keen interest in new features that we roll out! Communications officer Des Morgan has recently created a new site on Sketchanet by cloning the original PGL Wilts site to use as a framework for the charity The Loganberry Trust that provides free screening for prostate cancer.

We enjoyed a good relationship with the team and found them very helpful. The most important thing for us was that we were not 'left alone' - we really did need some hand holding


Communications officer, PGL Wilts



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