Ecommerce website service



We’d love to support you in your online shop success and we reckon we have just the thing...


In as little as 4 weeks, we can return to you, your very own, fully operational, all dancing, all singing online shop front.  From inventory management, to check outs, to design, content, structure, we’ve got you covered and at a price that should have you smiling. You do know that our platform is so intuitive that you can easily update, tweak and edit as you go? We can do it too, but we like that you get the choice. If this sounds like just the thing for you, then you are invited to have a free consultation with us to get the ball rolling.



Keep it Simple



What you need is a platform that is clean, easy to use, and easy to sell from. What you don’t need is limiting templates, expensive coders, complicated dashboards or restrictions on what you can and can’t sell. Understood. Sketchanet is a layout and components engine, not a template based platform. Page layouts respond intuitively to your content, message and products and more importantly, your online shop literally shines on all screen sizes if all screen sizes were the same as centre stage.

No more expensive web tweaks or lost momentum!


We’re not kidding. Sketchanet is so intuitive and so easy, a novice technologist could create beautiful landing pages in minutes. This means you can choose to maintain your site into the future, or you can choose to have us support  you.



Imagining a bigger, more robust website? 

We do that too. 



Why Sketchanet?




Our visual editor puts you in control of making changes to your website as and when you need to - whether that is design, branding, layout or content. Our preview feature means you can be certain how your changes will look before you publish them.



We are regularly updating the Sketchanet platform as the internet changes, so you don't need to worry about your website technology becoming out of date. Your site will be automatically updated without any hassle or action on your part.



Unlike many open source software solutions, Sketchanet is not a target for hackers. Our rock solid hosting infrastructure keeps your site online, and our smart media delivery ensures fast loading for all visitors regardless of device and location.

No template



Totally flexible layout and design at any time even after your site has been built. Great for making changes further down the line and keeping your site fresh.


Intuitive Content

Management System 


Edit a page just like a visitor sees it. Click and type to edit text, click on an image to replace.








Preview exactly how your website will look to visitors before publishing your changes.


Fully responsive




It is impossible to make a Sketchanet site that does not automatically adjust its layout to best fit different sized devices.





Sketchanet scales automatically offering you a hosting platform that would usually cost you hundreds of pounds a month.

Super-smart responsive

media delivery 



Images are served up from the closest data centre to your visitor (globally) and only the most appropriate resize is delivered. This makes your site faster.